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Monday - Rainy and snowy I had a fairly quiet day today, and not in a good way.  I got up when I should and found a mess downstairs that I h...

Monday - Rainy and snowy

I had a fairly quiet day today, and not in a good way.  I got up when I should and found a mess downstairs that I had to clean up. I wasn’t pleased about that.

I came back upstairs and did my watching of news from the bed, then finally got up and watched other stuff. I grabbed my breakfast around 10 and I also did a couple of loads of laundry today. Yay for me.  I didn’t see much of K until the afternoon. I heard the TV occasionally, so she got up for a while, but I’m not sure what she’s doing. I think she’s trying to save money by staying in bed.  Whatever. I grabbed F's jeans again and did one last line of stitches. When I looked at the pictures I had taken of the repair, it really bothered me that my last line was missing. I did a short line across and I feel better about the mending!

I did a couple of Postcrossing cards in the late afternoon. In fact, it was really too late to start, but I decided to do it anyway. F called around 5:30 to say he was on his way back, so I went downstairs and started to get dinner ready. 

I was making Gapao Rice for the first time. I’d bought the ground chicken yesterday and had a spice packet from a few months ago. It went together fairly well, but I waited for F to arrive before I really did any cooking. It was quite easy really.

I was supposed to fry eggs for the top of the meat, and I did. However, one of them I cracked on the stove and it didn’t make it into the pan. It glopped all over the stove of course and I had to clean it up. F was no help at all, in fact, he left the room. Probably a wise choice.  Finally, everything came together and F came back. We took the food out to the living room and all of us ate. It was nice.

F helped by doing the dishes, but he used his own methods to do it. I don’t approve of his methods, to put it nicely. He washed glasses and spoons first, but then put the metal part from the stove in the water before washing other dishes. He even left me one of the pans when he vanished near the end of his helping me. 

I went upstairs when I finished in the kitchen and F was in bed. He said he was dizzy and couldn’t go out. That’s fine except we don’t have food for tomorrow night and we don’t have kerosene either.  He may or may not be going to work tomorrow. Honestly, I don’t want him to drive or go to work if he’s feeling under the weather, but I really want him to talk to one of his many doctors about this. It is not a good thing.

Since there wasn’t going to be a trip out of the house for me tonight, I decided to do more Postcrossings. I requested three more names, so wrote out three cards, making it a total of five for the day. I’ll scan them tomorrow, hopefully, I’ll be able to mail them too. 

F had a cup of tea from me, but went to bed and is snoozing away. I’m glad as he stays up a bit late at times. 

I’ve watched some TV and I did the postcards so I kept myself busy today. I also prepared the plastic garbage to go out in case he does go to work tomorrow.  

And that’s it. It was a quiet day. I’m hoping that F will feel better in the morning. Come back later if you like and see what happens. Until tomorrow….

Sunday - Rainy I woke up this morning and F was already awake. He was supposed to get up and take his mother to the onsen but said that his ...

Sunday - Rainy

I woke up this morning and F was already awake. He was supposed to get up and take his mother to the onsen but said that his stomach was sore and he didn’t feel like going. Oh, dear. I went back to sleep for a bit but dragged myself out of bed around 11.  He went downstairs to make food for his mother and then we decided what to do. He wanted me to “pick a place” but with my jaw still a little sore, I wanted something softish. I didn’t want rice either since I’d had it twice yesterday. 

Finally, I decided that since I couldn’t think of a place that would make him happy, I’d make me happy. I suggested going to the Pizza Hut Express in the mall. He could either have pasta, pizza or a Doria with me or could go upstairs by himself and have ramen. We got to the mall, found parking and went in. The restaurant area was a little busy, but we found a table and ordered. I had my pasta, a pepperoncino with bacon and grilled vegetables plus a drink, then F decided he’d have a bulgogi Doria (it’s a rice dish). We came in under budget and the food was pretty good, so I count that as a win.

From the food area, we moved over to Doutors and had a drink each. I have a prepaid card so we weren’t spending “new” money. We had our drinks and used the free wifi for a bit. F went off to use the washroom and I watched in amazement as he set off confidently in the wrong direction. I don’t know how he does it!

We bought groceries in the mall too. We haven’t really bought a lot of stuff there before, but their meat section looked good and they had a lot of ground chicken. I decided that I’ll make gapao rice for dinner tomorrow…I think it sounds rather nice. I have a spice packet so I will use that.

We brought the food back to the house and F gave his mother her bento. We piled back in the car and went to the Tsuruoka Aquarium. We got there just before they closed. We were planning to go to a concert.  We toured the place and oohed and ahhed over the squid, jellyfish and especially for me, the octopus. At first, there was a little kid in front of the tank with his parents. He was scared but also entranced by it. I know how he felt! I just wanted him to move so I could film it and take pictures but had to wait for later.

The concert was a jazz duo and they were great. We’d seen them at the aquarium once before and liked them so much we bought the trumpeter’s cd. I was hoping to buy a new one, but unfortunately, there weren’t any CDs. Oh no! F and I did have a bit of a spat over seating. He had a specific place he wanted to sit and plunked himself down. Unfortunately, it was at the start of a row and the two of us are big people. No one else would have been able to get past us as the chairs are terribly close together. He thought it was okay, I didn’t. Also, I didn’t tell him this, but there was a vent in the floor under where he wanted me to sit so I would have been freezing. I’ve told him I can’t sit on or near the vents. 

We moved down the row he wanted and up into the next row. I got him to move up one spot and I had a fab seat. Unfortunately, F didn’t. I really should have traded places with him, and I would have if there’d been a chance in the show. There wasn’t. Oops. It was a great concert though.

Before the concert, F had said that he’d take his mother to the onsen after the concert. I suggested that we might like to have dinner first. After the concert, he said he wouldn’t take his mother!  We had to go back to the house to pick up F’s towels, so I said that we could go to the onsen and eat there. They have a fairly decent little cafe. 

F picked up his towels, I picked up my crochet, and we headed off to the onsen.  We paid the machine for the food and went in. Inside, F started talking to a woman who turned out to be one of my old students. We ended up joining her and had our meals together. I felt bad for her as her father has been quite ill recently and she has been under a lot of stress. 

After he finished eating, F went to take his bath. I kept talking to the woman. Then, when we were done, she went to take another bath, and I went to do some crochet and listen to podcasts.

She came back out to say a quick goodbye and then left. A few minutes later, F came out. We talked about going for coffee, but then I reconsidered. Since this is a “lean” month, I’d rather go out for coffee on another night, when I haven’t been out of the house all day. I’ll need it more then. 

We came back to F’s house and had a quiet evening in. I took a shower and F is trying to sleep.  I don’t know if he’s succeeding yet!

Not sure what I’m going to get up to tomorrow. I have to cook dinner, but I might want to do some Postcrossing or something since I haven’t done any this year yet. Egads!

Come back later if you like and see what happens. Until tomorrow….

Saturday - Gloomy and cloudy F and I slept in quite late this morning. I had set my alarm for earlyish but slept through them. I did get up ...

Saturday - Gloomy and cloudy

F and I slept in quite late this morning. I had set my alarm for earlyish but slept through them. I did get up around 11 though. F stayed in bed. He wasn’t sleeping, he was watching videos on his computer.

Around 11:30 I started to get a bit annoyed that he wasn’t up, so encouraged him to get moving. My dental appointment was at 2 and I needed lunch before then. I suggested a restaurant, F liked it, and he invited his mother. We were all in the car around 12:15 or so and got to the nearly empty restaurant.  

We had a lovely meal there. F had the 10 small dishes lunch, K had the Ham Cutlet lunch, and I had Chicken Soboro lunch. That’s ground chicken with a small amount of spice on rice. It’s quite nice and I usually have it there.

We drove K back to the house after lunch. I brushed my teeth and then F and I headed out to the dentist’s office.  After a very brief wait, I was shown to the office and she did….actually, I have no idea what the purpose of today’s visit was. They were making moulds of my teeth…but I thought they did that last time.  She gave me anesthetic and drilled somewhere in my mouth, but I don’t really know why! Anyway, we were out of there in an hour and that was fine with me.

Since I couldn’t eat or drink yet, and we didn’t have any plans, we decided to go to the Chido Museum for a while.  We went in and had a nice little tour. Their new display was a bunch of miniatures, probably for the Hina Matsuri, but they didn’t seem as old.  It was fine really. We visited the garden and one of the other buildings today too.
This is a panorama view of the pond from outside.

From one of the buildings looking out the window.

F taking a panorama view of the garden, captured by me!
The sign does say it is okay to take photos, but even if it wasn't, I was taking a pic of him!

After our tour of the museum, we decided to hit an early show at Mikawa, so we needed to get K a bento or something. We went to the grocery store and picked up a few things. After that, we delivered them and F heated them up for her.  She said she was going to eat them right away, at 4ish, but F got a little mad when she didn’t start to eat! 

We drove off to the mall. My mouth and jaw were still quite frozen and I wasn’t sure if and what I could eat. F wanted food from the food court so I was limited to either bibinba or udon. I chose bibinba.  He had yakisoba and okonomiyaki. His looked so small, I was worried that he didn’t eat enough. Of course, I could only take tiny bites at first, so I couldn’t eat very fast at all. By the time I got to the end of my meal though, most of the freezing was gone. I debated having popcorn too but decided against it.

We went to see 1917 and it was really good. I’m not a war movie fan, but the last two movies I have seen have been about wars, and I’ve liked them both! They are John Wayne movies, that’s for sure. F seemed to like the film too.

After the movie, we drove back to Tsuruoka and to the house. I suggested that we walk to the local temple since we hadn't made our Hatsumode yet this year. It was a nice night for a walk. We got there, did our thing and then came back to the house. We came up to the room, I had to refill the kerosene tank, but no big deal.  We’ve had a quiet evening. I watched a little TV, F went to bed. He’s saying if he gets up he’ll take his mother to the onsen in the morning. I hope he does, but if it is too early, I’m not getting up!

And…that’s it basically. I’m not sure what we’ll do tomorrow. F wants to go to the onsen and we’re planning to go to the Aquarium for the free concert in the late afternoon. This performer is really good and we saw him last year, or two years ago.  I hope we manage not to argue this time!

Come back later and see what we get up to. Until tomorrow….

Friday - Clear then rainy I woke up this morning when my alarm went off. I got up and did my usual morning things. I think I snoozed a bit o...

Friday - Clear then rainy

I woke up this morning when my alarm went off. I got up and did my usual morning things. I think I snoozed a bit on NCIS though. Oh well. 

I did hear K bopping around this morning. That was good, but we didn’t ever cross paths. Just the way I like it! 

Somewhere in the morning, I got the bright idea that I should fix F’s jeans again. One of the pairs that I fixed the pocket has developed a rip on the left thigh. I decided that I could probably fix it today.  So, I did.  It took a while and it isn’t perfect, but it’ll keep out the cold air and hopefully last until he gets new jeans!

It took about 3 hours to do it all. I also did something a little bit funny I think. I used some novelty cloth that I had to make the patch. F likes a cartoon series in Japan called “Ge ge ge no Kitaro” and I had a piece of cloth with animated characters from the show. I cut the patch so that his favourite character is in the middle and it looks like he is peeking out of the hole!
The character looks like an eyeball, and the hole makes it look like an eye in his jeans! Or does it?

F got back from work a bit late and was really tired. He gave me some chocolate and some cookies that he picked up for my Valentine’s Day present. Yay! I gave him the rest of the chocolate that I had bought for him. 

He didn’t want to do anything for a while and didn’t change his clothes either. I didn’t want to tell him what I’d done, so I just let him get dressed in his own time. He threw on his jeans finally and we went down to make dinner. It wasn’t until we were getting ready to eat that he noticed the patch on the jeans!  I think he liked it, but I’m not sure!

We had nabe again for dinner. I used consomm√© cubes for the soup and F raved about it. He always uses some Japanese stuff and it has no taste to me, this is better. He’ll probably have forgotten about it all next time though.

Most of the nabe disappeared. It was quite nice. I cleared the table and put away the leftovers for K’s lunch tomorrow or whenever, and dried the dishes. F was washing them again.

After dinner, I was hoping to go out for a little, even just for coffee, but F wasn’t interested in going. I watched some TV, some YouTube and then before 10 pm I checked to see if he wanted to go out. The answer was still no, so I changed into my pyjamas so that I could go downstairs and take a shower. Then, F started to ask if I wanted to go out. Honestly. I just rolled my eyes at him.  

I took my shower and then came back upstairs. We had a very quiet night. F went to bed early, he might even be sleeping. I watched The Walking Dead tonight and even watched one episode this afternoon. That means that I have seen 3 episodes today, which feels a bit much! I love the show but it is a bit gruesome.

Anyway, that’s it, Valentine’s Day is over for another year. I’ll be eating my chocolate for a day or two, probably! Tomorrow could be a busy day. I have another dental appointment and I hope that we can go to a movie in the evening if I’m up to it. Come back later if you will and see what I get up to. Until tomorrow….

Thursday - Warmish and a little rainy I woke up when F was getting ready to leave, but stayed in bed. I got up a bit later. K was up early t...

Thursday - Warmish and a little rainy

I woke up when F was getting ready to leave, but stayed in bed. I got up a bit later. K was up early today too, in fact, she stayed up all day I think. I was quite glad about that.

I had a quiet day, didn’t get up to anything exciting really. I finished darning the ends in on my cowl so I can use it now. It’s quite pretty I think.  The colours are quite bright.
I just made up the pattern as I went along, which is why it isn't balanced properly, but I like it!

Not sure why the top is rolling over but it doesn't matter.
For lunch,

I had leftovers of last night’s Bangers and Mash. It was only Banger and Mash though really. It was good though! I saw K early in the day and suggested that she have some of the nabe from Monday. She did, although she didn’t eat it all.

I went down to the kitchen to start dinner a little early tonight and while I was prepping F called. He was in another town and it would take at least an hour to get back, except he wasn’t sure when he’d be able to leave.  I told him I’d keep him some food and I’d cook now and eat with his mother.  

I made a stir-fry of pork, onion and hacksai, and cooked the gnocchi that we bought in Niigata. I heated up the sauce that we bought for it too. I didn’t give K rice because gnocchi is potato and I’m of the opinion that you don’t need both at one meal! We ate and then I did up the dishes.  That was fun. K came into the kitchen and once again, told me off for using 4 bars on the fluorescent light. She pulled the string and made it two.  Good grief!  I am the person working in there, surely I should be allowed to set my own lights.  We kind of yelled at each other in our own languages.  I asked F about it when he arrived and he just shook his head.  I think my eyes are more important than saving 5 yen on the electric bill!

Anyway, I finished the dishes and F called to say he was on his way. I went upstairs and waited for him. 

Of course, he needed dinner too, so when he came back to the house I heated up the leftovers for him. He didn’t have that much though. There will be some left for my lunch. Yay!!

After he ate, I did the dishes again and F said he wanted to go to the onsen. Fair enough, we got ready and went there.  We arrived a little before 9 pm, so he headed to the bath, I headed to the chairs. I listened to podcasts and I did some crochet so I was quite pleased. 

When F came out he rested for a little and then we headed back into Tsuruoka. We went for groceries tonight. We’re going to do another nabe tomorrow night. It’ll be mostly the same as Monday’s but will hopefully have a few more ingredients! 

We just came back to the house afterwards. We put away the groceries and came upstairs. I watched some TV and then gave F his first Valentine’s Day present. I got him a box of chocolates that looks like a book about dinosaurs. Inside is a chocolate dinosaur and 6 little eggs that have an almond inside. It’s actually really cute. He liked it and even gave me an egg. Woot. 

And…that’s it for today. Not sure what I’ll get up to tomorrow. I really should do at least one Postcrossing as I haven’t sent any cards this year. I’m still buying the postcards, I’m just not sending them!  What should I do?

Come back later if you like and see what happens.  Until tomorrow….

Wednesday - Clear and sunny I woke up this morning around 7 when F was getting up. I made a quick trip downstairs and then kissed hubby good...

Wednesday - Clear and sunny

I woke up this morning around 7 when F was getting up. I made a quick trip downstairs and then kissed hubby goodbye. I snoozed until 8 and got up and watched some news. 

I had a fairly productive morning as I did a couple of loads of laundry. K was nowhere in sight again.

I worked a bit on my pink cowl today and got the rest of the casting off done. Yay.  I also did a bit of the magic scrap ball shawl today too. It’s growing quite nicely.

I had a relaxing day, and I did watch quite a bit of stuff off the DVR. I need to do more tomorrow. 

It was a bit late when I went downstairs to start dinner. I was making bangers and mash and I hadn’t peeled any of the potatoes. Sigh.  I got them peeled and started cooking them before F got back. I was fairly organized I thought, but I didn’t know how to make the gravy as I was using a Japanese packet.  F told me, so that was good. He was tired and dizzy again but didn’t retire to bed for the night. 

We had our bangers and mash with some salad, and then had frozen blueberries with whipped cream for dessert.  It was a nice meal, but K and F both felt the need to add in some sekihan so I was a little annoyed.

I did the majority of the dishes before F came in to rescue me from them. Or is it that he is rescuing himself from the “unrinsed” dishes? Whatever. I was doing fine without him. 

I went upstairs when I was finished. F followed soon after, or he was up here first, I can’t remember. He was in bed, playing with his computer again. I think he snoozed a bit. I watched some TV.

I went downstairs around 10pm and did up the garbage for the house. I tossed quite a bit of food. F and his sister had bought K food for when we were away. Instead of putting it in the fridge, she left it all on the table. The temperature has been cold, but not a steady temperature and some of the food was getting older. It needed to be gone. I did check with F about some older fish that was in the fridge, he said it was okay to go. If I hadn’t and it was his special stuff he’d never let me hear the end of it. 

After the garbage was done, I took a shower and then came back upstairs for tonight’s episode of New Amsterdam. It was good.  

F has finally gone to sleep I think. I hope I don’t wake him up when I go to bed in a few minutes.  

No idea what’s on the schedule for tomorrow. I have to try and cook something for dinner without actually having bought anything. I love those kinds of dinners.  Not. 

Come back later if you are interested and see what I get up to.  Until tomorrow….

Tuesday - Warmer and clear I woke up early and went downstairs, came back to bed. F had obviously fallen asleep with his computer on his che...

Tuesday - Warmer and clear

I woke up early and went downstairs, came back to bed. F had obviously fallen asleep with his computer on his chest. I think he woke up enough to close it while I was gone.

I came back to bed and slept a bit longer. My alarm went off around 9 but I didn’t get up. I went back to sleep. Oops, bad me. F was still sleeping mostly, so we had a cuddle.

My alarm went off at 11 as usual and I got up. This time I stayed up and watched a bit of TV. F finally dragged himself out of bed around 1 pm I think. He went downstairs and made lunch for his mother.

When he came back up it was already 2 pm. He wanted to go somewhere for my lunch but all the nice places would be finished lunch. This making his mother lunch before we go out just sucks for me. I don’t mind him making her food, just wish he’d get up earlier to do it.

As I’d had a bad stomach last night I wanted something fairly gentle on my stomach, so I asked for Udon Ichi. He wasn’t too happy with me at first, but we did go there and had a really nice lunch. I had plain udon with a rice dish that wasn’t greasy, so was probably good for me. He had udon and a tempura type thing.

After that, I suggested a few things. I wanted to go to a hundred yen shop because I wanted to get a new soap dispenser for the bathroom. The one I had was a branded one and it has basically stopped pumping. I could get another soap bottle from the store, but we don’t need it since I have a lot of soap at the moment.  We found the hundred yen shop, got a bottle after a lot of searching. We also picked up a bag to use as a car garbage. One of F’s mysteriously went missing.  On the way out of the store, I asked F to ask about the towel that I had ordered.  The store clerk didn’t know about it at first, but then another one found it for us. I was worried because they kept asking for the original brochure, but I didn’t have it. Turns out, I’d given it to the store, so it was okay. I got my new pink face towel, so we got back into line to pay for it!

F didn’t want to go anywhere just then, so we went back to the house. I’m not sure if he actually slept, but he seemed to be in bed for a while. I watched TV and did my computer stuff.

Around 6:30 he started talking about dinner. His suggestion was to get bentos and eat at the house. I suggested taking his mother out with us and going to a Chinese restaurant. F picked the place, a restaurant on the other side of the big park. 

We all bundled into the car and went to the place. We sat on tatami which isn’t my favourite, but whatever.  K ordered ramen, which meant we wouldn’t be sharing dishes. F had his usual yucky starchy yakisoba and I had a stir-fry pork-egg and veggies dish. It was mostly okay until I ate a bit of egg and it crunched. Yup, someone had left eggshell in my dish. My next mouthful had it too, so I got a napkin from F and spat it out into the napkin. I examined every piece of egg from then on, but thankfully didn’t find any more. 

K had a bit of a thing tonight too. When she was putting on her boots, she overbalanced and crashed into the wall. She didn't fall all the way down, but I was really worried about her for a bit.

When we left I asked F if he’d told the waitress about the eggshell in my dish and he claimed not to have known about it.  Half of it was sitting on my plate, the other half was in a napkin!  What did he think I was doing with it?

We dropped K off at the house and then F and I went out. We had coffee at Starbucks, actually Frappuccinos. I had the Valentine’s one with almonds and pralines, F had the Milk Tea and chocolate one. They were good.  We were also given free samples of their Cafe Misto with chocolate syrup…yum!

We did a grocery shop next, I got a few things for dinner tomorrow night. I’ve decided to make bangers and mash again, so I got some nice looking sausages (too small though really) and some potatoes.  I hope it goes over well tomorrow. 

We came back to the house and I watched a bit of TV.  I have to try and clear space on the DVR as there is yet another film on tomorrow afternoon that I want to watch.  I do wish that F would watch things with me, but these days he is obsessed with YouTube and not communicating with me. 

And that was my day. It wasn’t too bad actually, I just feel that we wasted so much of the morning sleeping.  Even though I love sleeping in, I often feel better about myself when I get out of bed and do things!  I didn’t really sleep-in the whole time I was in Niigata…sort of crazy really!

Tomorrow I’m cooking dinner in that freezing kitchen and probably doing laundry. There are lots of other things I need to be doing, we’ll see what happens with that. Come back later if you like and see what I actually get up to. Until tomorrow….